Increase wrapping equipment efficiencies without the new equipment price.

Wrapping Equipment Modernization

Even the best wrapper will only continue to perform at its best if it is well maintained and upgraded regularly. Red Cedar Wrappers offers a modernization program using state of the art electronic components and software for improved performance and output of your existing wrapping equipment.

Safety is always a top priority and are in line with current safety regulations.

We specialize in Bosch/Doboy, Fuji, Ilapak, Campbell and Rose Forgrove wrappers.


Mechanical and electronic upgrades for improved performance.


Up-to-date safety features.


Most current electronic technology to overcome obsolescence issues.

Modernization Examples

Take a glimpse into our process of modernizing wrapping equipment.

Mustang IV Modernization


  • Mustang IV Before
  • Mustang IV Before
  • Mustang IV Before
  • Mustang IV Before
  • Mustang IV Before
  • Mustang IV Before


  • Mustang IV After

Modernization Write-Up Sample

Electronic Upgrade

All Horizontal Wrappers
and Feeders


4-6 weeks


3-5 days

Upgrade Component List:

Allen Bradley PLC – Compact Logix or Control Logix

AB Kinetix 350 servo drives

AB MPL- 330 and MPL-430 servo motors

AB Powerflex 525 frequency AC drives

Panel View 700 or greater

Ethernet switch box

Control modules for temperature control through the touchscreen.

24VDC power supply

Circuit breakers on all components

Guard Master Sipha redundant guard switches and monitor

All switches and photo eyes

New enclosures were needed

New gearbox installed on every axis with the proper ratio pulley or sprocket

Motor power and feedback cables for every axis.

Controls description:

Allen Bradley based controls. Low speeds usually under 300 packages per minute will use the Compact Logix controller. High speeds usually over 300 packages per minute will use the control Logix PLC. There may be conditions at low speeds were control Logix may be used, that will be determined by engineering and the customer requirement. The controls use ethernet to communicate between the components. A touchscreen for Humane Machine Interface is also connected to the ethernet switch. The HMI will allow personnel to troubleshoot and adjust the machine. The controller will have a modern software package installed. The software can be adjusted on site to accommodate the needs and requirements of the customer.

Installation Description:

Remove existing motors, gearboxes, cables, electrical panels, and any mechanical or electrical component that will not be used with the upgrade. Install preassembled electrical panels, motors and gear boxes. Install all input and output peripherals. Wire everything to electrical prints that are provided with upgrade. Install all operator interface components. Power up machinery, debug, setup parameters, and run onsite acceptance test. It takes 4-6 weeks to assemble all panels and sub-assemblies at our facility. The customer can run their machine until the install date. We will ship everything to the site and do the installation right there in 3-5 days.

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